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Episode 1: Review of an eCommerce Website in Nigeria

UX Weekly is a review of the user experience of products from big brands you know. We talk about what is missing, what needs to be improved and how it can affect overall product and business performance.


In an age of digitization predominantly enjoyed and driven by the Millenials, digital connection becomes a very vital aspect of business. With numerous things calling for attention online and similar services competing for viewership and users, how do you ensure your website creates a compelling user experience that converts visitors to buyers?

This episode of UX Weekly Video Series, we review an Ecommerce Website in Nigeria. We practically showed why a poor landing page could increase bounce rate, reduce brand trust and contribute to loss of customers.

E-commerce is like a virtual mall. Imagine the shopping mall not properly segmented and arranged into different sections and categories of items like fashion and accessories, food stuffs, fast foods, toiletries and many more? With several customers coming into the mall at the same time, that’s going to be bizarre. Consider Ecommerce as the digital version of the Mall or “digital mall” where everything needs to be arranged and positioned to increase good user experience. Having understanding of what an online visitor wants to achieve and building digital platforms to suit this goal could increase success rate.