season 2 DIP podcast

Welcome to Season 2

Welcome to season 2. On this episode, we have Babajide Shoyebo, the Product Manager at Workforce group. He shares with us his experience helping a global company build and mange their digital products which brought in great returns to his organisation. He also talks on how a greatly managed product can birth great results with exciting returns to show.

DIP season finale

Season 1 Finale

It has been a really interesting season and we sure had a lot of things to learn from it. Listen, as Susan takes us through the season, pointing out noteworthy areas from the entire season. Plug in your earphones to find out what they are.

Episode 12: How Design Boosts Productivity in Companies (with Douglas Ferguson)

We had an interesting conversation with Douglas Ferguson, President Voltage Control, an Innovation agency based in Austin Texas. He shares from his experience, unique ways companies can be come more productive in their meetings and other strategic sessions.

Episode 11: Improving on your Customer’s Experience to Drive Growth (with Vi Nguyen)

Vi shares with us how she has been able to use design to improve customers experience speaking from her time in a financial institution to having to work for the Swedish Space Agency.

Episode 10: How Large Companies can use Design Methodologies to Succeed (with Marcel Rossouw)

Marcel Roussouw is the Group Director of Fjord South Africa. He shares the value Design can have when used to develop a strategy on how a product or service is introduced in the market to gain consumers adoption.

Episode 9: Building Solutions that Delivers Value to your Employees and Business (with Sarah Christine)

Here’s another interesting episode with Sarah Christine Deloughery. Sarah is a Design Thinking expert and team lead digital at 2BM an Information Technology company based in Denmark.

Episode 8: The Value of Design Sprints to Product Teams (with Steph Cruchon)

Steph Cruchon, the founder of Design Sprint Ltd. shares the benefits of Design Sprints to businesses.

Episode 7: How PepsiCo Created A Culture Where Design And Innovation Thrives (With Mauro Porcini)

On this episode, Susan and Thomas talk with Mauro Porcini the Chief Design Officer at PepsiCo one of the biggest Food and Beverage company in the world.

Episode 6: How Businesses Can Use Business Design to Guarantee Product Success (with Tommaso Martucci and Jabbo Gehring)

On this episode, Susan and Thomas had a chat with Jabbo Gehring from Fjord Berlin and Tommaso Martucci from Indeed-innovation Hamburg, on how businesses can use Business Design to guarantee product success.

Episode 5: Design’s Impact on Business so Far and What to Expect in the Future (with Susan Onigbinde and Thomas Osume)

Design and Innovation Podcast Hosts talk about the change in the business world as design is welcomed increasingly across companies.

Episode 4: What Global Companies Should Know About Design (with Chris Do)

Chris Do, Emmy award-winning designer and Founder of globally known Futur platform, shares insights on design, talking about how creatives need to learn more of the business side of design and how global businesses can leverage design to succeed.

Episode 3: How To Leverage Sustainable Design To Grow Business (with Scott Boylston)

On this episode, Scott Boylston a Sustainability Design Expert, speaks on the opportunity’s businesses can leverage using sustainable innovation.

Episode 2 – An Overview: Design and How It’s Used in Business (with Tommaso Martucci)

On this episode, Tommaso Martucci from Indeed-Innovation shares from his experience on how businesses have been able to use design as a means to innovate and why the design process is a great strategy business leaders can leverage on.

Episode 1: An Overview on How Design Became a Strategic Tool for Businesses

We talk on how design emerged from being just an aesthetic tool, to a strategic tool driving growth in various companies across the world.

Introducing Design and Innovation Podcast

Design has gone beyond aesthetics. Design is no longer limited to paintings and crafts done with paper and ink.